Parameters and measures
intro misure
B&C Electronics began its activities in 1974 with the measurements of pH, ORP and conductivity.
It is on these 3 parameters that the company built its great experience, allowing us to diversify into several different models of equipment with a wide range of sensors/electrodes.
Our solutions are available in OEM and custom version as well as for the most demanding applications.

In recent years, the completion of the whole series of analyzers for disinfection and control of primary and waste water were produced, using special amperometric or polarographic membraned sensors that also includes those of dissolved oxygen in autoclean version.

The on-line ISE analyzers, autocal and the gas phase for chlorine - sulfide and sulfite residuals, represents a synthesis of reliability, precision and accurate, analytical result, even in some of the most severe applications, making them unique on the market.

Some of the most recent parameters and technologies that we offer are the optical sensors for the analysis of dissolved oxygen, turbidity and suspended solids, with both analog and digital versions, including the autoclean facility.

Completing our catalogue is an extensive line of toxic gas detectors, consisting of specific groups that include: sensors/transmitters that operate in the monitoring of unsafe industrial areas.

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