Company profile

B&C Electronics Srl was founded in 1974 with the goal of manufacturing reliable equipment for water analysis and for industrial process control. Since the beginning, the Company had a constant growth in both products manufacturing and customer satisfaction, and it soon became able to fulfill the requests of both a national and international marketplace.

In 1998, the company was certified ISO 9001 by CISQ – IQNET. Total quality and the EFQM model of excellence have been the leading elements of the B&C Electronics’ quality system ever since. Today, the products range is second to none and the Company is among the leading manufacturer of liquid analyzers worldwide.
Our goal is to meet the implicit demand of each customer, and this is why we address all of our energy toward customer satisfaction. Being a certified company, we strive to be competitive and to assure each customer of our product’s reliability. We believe that quality is not an option nor a luxury, but rather an investment aimed at having more and more satisfied customers, who know that B&C Electronics guarantees quality and reliability.

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